Antipodean Anti-Gloss Pop ...

Welcome to The Electric Era's power transfer station.
The truth is we neither sell power nor cars, we make music. We like the taste of it. We are a dash of 80s Dunedin ginger pop tarts a la The Clean, The Chills and The Verlaines, with added hints of British caramel Post-Punk reminiscent of Joy Division and The Cure, all blobbed on some Berlin-era Bowie steamed pudding.
It taste like …
The Electric Era's Antipodean Anti-Gloss Pop.

Band Members

Karsten: Vocals and guitar - Leal: Backing vocals and bass guitar - Anna: Drums
Guest Kooks: Brignall Wood, Marcel Bellve, Taneth Peel, David Chechelashvili, Aroha Harawira, Matthias Postel